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The ESS “Put Them at Ease” Challenge

John and Flash at the TED conference


Here’s a potentially life changing challenge for you. It’s a great practice for public speaking, effective leadership, being a better parent, friend, lover, husband, wife, employee, employer AND it makes parties a whole lot more fun.
If you accept the challenge please come share your story about how it goes here:
We want to hear how it’s going!

And, if you’re wondering, that’s Flash and me feeling very relaxed and at ease while we crash out on a nice mattress and watch the TED conference happening live on the monitors above us at TEDActive. TEDActive was by far the best conference I’ve ever attended. And, it’s one of the places I realized that no matter how together it seems people have their stuff, they’re still worried about what other people think of them. Thank heavens TEDActive created such a warm, welcoming, phenomenal atmosphere; supportive, loving and connected. Brilliant.

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