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Make all your communications TED-worthy.

– John Bates

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Expert, CEO, Founder

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Keynote Speaker

John is a world renowned speaker who brings his expertise as a Leadership Communications expert, speaker coach and Executive Whisperer to all he does. He inspires teams and individuals to greatness by seeing the unique genius in everyone’s talent and the inspiration in everyone’s story. 

Testimonial about Working with John


Melinda Richter

Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs (JLABS).


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Meet John


Hey guys, follow me….

John has trained hundreds of speakers for TED, TEDx and in corporate environments. Depending on your needs and desires John offers individual, small group and large group training. Using Human Evolutionary Biology and Human Neurophysiology John provides some of the most effective and sophisticated Communications, Leadership and Innovation training available.

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You have something truly awesome to share with the world.
I’m here to bring that out of you so it can live out in the world
and make a real difference! – John Bates


Are you ready to make every speech TED-WORTHY?

John believes we all have a story worth telling.


He stays involved with TED by hosting, speaking, or training the speakers.
Over 20 events and counting…



Speak Like a Leader Boot Camp

Participants say John Bates’ trainings are fun, interactive, surprising and extremely enlightening.

By walking his talk and being willing to share the failures that have led to his insights John Bates is quite possibly the most engaging trainer and coach they have ever experienced, his clients repeatedly say.

Originally created for TED and TEDx speakers John’s training focuses on the evolutionary biology and neurophisiology of human communication.
“When it comes to communicating with humans, it’s not logical… It’s biological!”
and John proves it.

This focus on underlying principles allows people to see not only what works, but why it works and then apply the principles to their own unique style. This has led to far greater effectiveness for C level executives at Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurs, business development and sales teams, keynote speakers, TED and TEDx speakers, as well as anyone who is committed to being successful in their leadership and communications.

Executive Coaching

John Bates sees you as your best self, so you can have help team to be their best selves. This makes great TEAMS.

Great Leadership is a function of great communication. Truly owning and expressing your own greatness will bring out the greatness in those around you. John’s ability to listen deeply is unique. That’s why his clients call him an Executive Whisperer.

After years of training and successful trainings,  John Bates has honed his skills at hearing both the greatness in you as well as the things that may be suppressing it. Assisting you  in fully expressing it in both word and in deed are what sets his trainings apart.

In the words of Melinda Richter, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs
“John looks inside your soul and helps you see the things you can’t see, you don’t want to see, but that you need to see to make you the best that you can be. And, if you’re the best that you can be you can make other people so much better.”