Why John?

"My WHY is to bring out what is awesome inside every person so it can live in the world and make a real difference." - John Bates

John Bates is your best resource for anyplace where communication between human beings impacts your outcomes; leadership, management, speaking, pitching, presenting and more. John’s expertise in the TED format, leadership presence and great presentation and pitching skills arises from his vast and deep experience both doing these things himself, along with all he has learned from his many years of coaching and supporting other top leaders. John’s comprehensive, integrated approach will not attempt to change your style, it will, however, give you very easy to implement principles you can use in your own, authentic style. This not only makes you a far better speaker and presenter, it makes you far more influential, effective and ultimately successful everywhere in your life.

L=f(C) – Leadership is a function of Communication

John sees success in leadership, sales, management and more generally, in business and life itself, as a function of great communication. Executives at NASA, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture and other forward thinking global organizations often say that John’s methodology is quite probably the best and most effective approach to leadership, communication, persuasion and influence that they have ever experienced. People say his training is unique and he is a sole source provider for many large organizations.

You will amazed by the clarity, elegance and immediate actionability of John’s methodology. Originally created for TED and TEDx speakers, John’s training is based in the fundamental evolutionary biology and neurophysiology of human communication, connection and interaction. Let’s talk about the difference it could make for you and your team.

This focus on underlying principles allows you to see not only what works, but why it works and then easily apply the principles to your own unique style. John’s methodology has led to far greater effectiveness for C level executives, management teams, sales/business development teams, fundraisers and many others at Fortune 100 companies, for entrepreneurs, keynote speakers, TED and TEDx speakers, as well as anyone who is committed to being successful in their leadership, persuasion and communications.

You’ll be in capable, experienced and trusted hands with John. For over 15 years John Bates has been a world-renowned Leadership Communication coach, trainer and keynote speaker. His unique style and skill-set have allowed him to make a big difference for many amazing and innovative global leaders as they change the world, just like you.

With John’s support, you will learn what works when it comes to leading and communicating with human beings, as well as the underlying reasons why it works. By revealing the secrets of human evolutionary biology and human neurophysiology that govern effective communication, persuasion and influence, John trains those he supports in successful connection and emotionally intelligent leadership and inspiration.

As a world famous TED, TEDx, and keynote speaker himself John walks his talk. He both demonstrates, as well as shares, principles that are as easy to apply as they are potent. His training is fun, interactive and extremely effective. People regularly call his training the best communications and leadership training they have ever received. John is considered to be a sole source provider for many organizations.

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