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Team and Individual Coaching & Training

Your top leaders got there by being hungry and continuously learning. Are they still doing that?

Could your emerging leaders benefit from expert support? Investing in your leaders, removing communication roadblocks and increasing trust, connection and authenticity among your most important assets is a great investment.


Great Leaders are Great Communicators

And, great teams communicate well. As a Leadership Communication Expert John’s coaching is renown for going deep and being highly effective. John supports his clients in removing the things that are blocking their full self expression as a leader, on stage and in life. John coaches leaders in becoming ever more effective communicators & leaders, as well as powerfully assisting them with high level messaging and approach so that what they truly mean to say is exactly what gets heard.

When Leaders participate in this coaching the results are dramatic. When the entire team participates in this coaching the results become exponential.


  • Communicate like the powerful leader you are.
  • Get past your fear and awkwardness.
  • Go beyond wherever you are currently as a speaker and leader.
  • Get your team to take ownership for their results.
  • Gain clarity on what works as a leader in communication.


John is called an Executive Whisperer by his coaching clients.

Among top corporations John Bates’ individual and team coaching is heralded for elevating already highly effective leaders and speakers to unexpected new levels. He also has a lot of experience in successfully taking “known ineffective speakers” and making them star-power speakers; for unleashing formerly quiet leaders who previously had a hard time contributing; and for bringing out the authentic, connected human being in a way that deeply supports their effectiveness. His ability to bring out your excellence as a leader, communicator and human being is well attested to by his clients. Having raised hundred of millions with his teams in Silicon Valley and beyond, John also offers excellent and effective pitch coaching.

How it works

One to one coaching is one of the most time consuming, customized, yet fulfilling things that I do. So, I ask for a minimum financial commitment and that potential coaching clients come in with something big at stake, which really matters to them and be willing to play full out, with everything on the table. We will typically visit unexpected places and generate surprising, excellent results because of it.

Typical Engagement

John is happy to customize any engagement. In person coaching, combined with video coaching is often the most effective and efficient model. 

John’s “Speak Like a Leader Training” is a prerequisite to any further coaching with John. It can be delivered to as many or as few people as you would like and can take from 4 hours to 3 days depending on your desires. Bringing the entire team to the first half day or one day portion of the training is a great way to leverage your investment to give the entire team the core principles and bring them into the conversation. We can then focus on a smaller leadership group for the rest of the training and further one on one or small group coaching.

One on One coaching typically consists of 12 x sessions of approximately 30-60 minutes via phone and/or Zoom or other video conference, when appropriate. It includes access to the online version of the Speak Like a Leader Boot Camp to fulfill the prerequisite for further coaching from John. Normally this engagement takes from 4 to 12 months, depending on the desires of the client.

Get together in person

I’m also happy to get together in person if we’re in the same vicinity, or if you want to come to me – I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, mostly, these days, but am in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Francisco, and San Diego regularly, as well. In the winter you can combine a visit to Salt Lake City with a ski trip, in the summer there is stunningly gorgeous hiking, mountain biking and more. I’m also happy to come to you if travel, accommodation and some recognition of my travel time is provided.

This is flexible, if you’d like t0 break up our meetings differently, according to your desires and what is needed.

One way might be 3 half day sessions, or one half day session and 8 phone sessions, etc. As well, in between sessions, my team and I are available to answer short calls, emails, texts, and to assist you as you face leadership challenges, develop speeches, pitches, presentations and deal with whatever comes up.

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