Keynote speaking

John will entertain, educate and thrill your audience
  • Motivate, educate, entertain and deeply move your audience.
  • Engage them regardless of culture, country or background.
  • Share meaningful stories from his lifelong experience as an entrepreneur; failures, near death experiences and successes.
  • Bring his deep experience as a Leadership Communication Expert.
  • Share insights and stories from his vast TED & TEDx experience.
  • Authentically connect with the audience and motivate people to action.
  • Offer deep insight into the human condition that few others have.


With a fascinating underpinning of Leadership Communication based in Human Evolutionary Biology & Human Neurophysiology along with his experience of raising hundreds of millions of dollars, failing hugely, nearly dying and also sometimes succeeding, John’s speeches are movingly authentic, genuine, insightful and always create a wonderful atmosphere and context for your event.

John’s Speeches can include:

The Speak Like a Leader Experience

Leadership, communication and effectiveness in a fun, entertaining and moving speech with uniquely surprising and highly actionable insights.

Excited About Your Story

A deep dive into one of the core components of great leadership, great TED Talks, and true connection: Storytelling, the most effective tool for communicating with Human Beings that Mother Nature has given you! This is a fun, exciting ride with lots of great stories that motivates people on multiple levels and gives them highly effective principles and paradigms for storytelling, leadership, effectiveness and communication.

the Magic, Art and Neurobiology of Effective Pitches; Pitchcraft

In this exciting and authentic speech John shares his experiences raising hundreds of millions in Venture Capital in Silicon Valley and Beyond, the lessons he learned from his VC mentors in Silicon Valley as well as at places like Johnson and Johnson, and the National Institute of Health and beyong. He share the most important things to know about successful pitches that no one else is telling you!

This is applicable in any and all pitching scenarios, from raising capital to pitching clients or donors.

Failure, Loss and Important Life and Wellness Lessons

Having raised hundreds of millions of dollars and having failed in the harsh glare of the limelight after raising over $80M in Venture Capital with his company, John has plenty of mistakes, heartbreaks and losses to share, along with the very important lessons and insights learned from them. John talks about everything that made a difference for him as he came back from the brink of death. From the importance of sleep to the practice of mindfulness and meditation, to the importance of context and fulfillment, John will make a fun, exciting, interesting difference for your audience.

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Trevor Kemp

John Bates understands communication on a very deep level. He knows how much importance it plays in being someone who has credibility and respect in the way that you want to convey your ideas.

Trevor Kemp
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