John taught a 3 day executive speaking course at my company that was extremely beneficial! He is extremely knowledgeable in how to connect with audiences and he has a relaxed approach that can be tailored to any group’s need. Although it was executive speaking, the class was also part sociology and part physiology. Amazing stuff! John is great and I’ve already given multiple presentations and talks using his tips!

Austin Knight
Air Liquide USA
Chief Operating Officer

“It was a tremendous pleasure to work with John Bates on my TED Talk. I went back in time to my upbringing in Sweden and the troubled relationship I had with my father. The segment we did ‘On Healing and Forgiveness’ was a very special experience for me. With John’s help I also seem to have touched others. The Youtube version, where I show a more vulnerable side of myself than in my films has had over a million views and counting. The other week an LAPD officer came up to me, shook my hand and said: “I like your movies, but I loved your TED Talk more.” There was a soft glint in his eye that revealed an upbringing not very different than my own. I learned so much from John and anytime I face a challenging speaking situation I certainly know whom to call.”

Dolph Lundgren
Actor, Anti Human Trafficking Activist
That knowledge from John has completely changed how I present today…and we got great feedback after the talk. So, it’s working!
Stephanie Venn Watson
Co-Founder and CEO

He not only brings out the best in you when you talk, but he looks inside your soul when he does it. And he helps you see things you don’t want to see, you can’t see, but it’s things you need to see to make you the best that you can be.

Melinda Richter
Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs
Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs

….you have really tapped into the neuroscience and the neurobiology of who we are and how we communicate and how people persuade people and so forth and I was very impressed. I’m sitting here thinking, ‘I need to take that guy’s workshop, and have you as a consultant.’ So, I’d take time to work with him, to check out his work. He’s quite an amazing guy and he can help you be more amazing too.

Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Soul series, The Success Principles
Author, featured teacher in the movie The Secret.

…and afterwards, my wife and daughter said, ‘You should meet with him every week, because you’re obviously learning great things.

Tom Luby,
Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs Texas
Head of

Working with John Bates on… how to best communicate and convey some key ideas about the work that we’re doing, to a much more broad audience, in a way that makes our story translatable and exciting to people who may not understand the specifics of the science we are working on.

Peter Di Laura
Second Genome

John Bates understands communication on a very deep level. He knows how much importance it plays in being someone who has credibility and respect in the way that you want to convey your ideas.

Trevor Kemp
COO, Bitome

John, I can’t thank you enough for working with us here at NASA. You were so engaging and gave my team great tools and inspiration to take our communications to the next level. We look forward to continuing our relationship.

Ashley Edwards
NASA Headquarters
Communications Manager

I’ve never seen so many Estonian people get that enthusiastic, and that engaged and passionate about public speaking.

Daria Sivovol
American Chamber of Commerce, Estonia

I saw John Bates give a presentation in Boston on authentic leadership in 2017. His focus was on public speaking. The talk was one of the best I have seen on the subject. John’s recommendations were clear, useful and easy to remember. What impressed me was not just the content he shared but the way he delivered it. John embodied his advice. The entire talk mirrored his recommendations making it both easier for us in the audience to figure out how to implement and also proving the usefulness of his suggestions. If you do any public speaking you will benefit from seeing John in action. I’m still putting the core ideas from his presentation to work in my public speaking almost a year later.

Justin Wright
Habitus Incorporated
Chief Executive Officer, Mediator, Negotiation Trainer, Faciliator & Coach