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Thank you for an amazing 2015!

Flash says Happy Holidays!
Flash says Happy Holidays!
Flash says Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2016 to you!

Happy Holidays to you from snowy Salt Lake City, Utah!

I’m writing for Sharon, Nataly, Flash & myself to say: “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” It is difficult for me to adequately express my gratitude to you for being in my life and in our lives. Thank you for your support and for your belief in me and what we’re up to in the world. We are living our dream. I feel like I have found what I was put on Earth to do which brings me to tears when I let it sink in.

2015 was a huge year for us and 2016 is already looking far bigger! More about all that below, if you’re interested.

Have a VERY Happy Holiday Season and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

John, Sharon & Flash 

PS, If you’re interested, as a thank you, I want to give you our latest creation at a massive discount. One of the biggest things we’ve done in 2015 is to finally create the online version of the Speak Like a Leader Boot Camp. It is here and, if you want it, I’ve included a code to make it only $97 – we will likely never sell it this low again, so grab it now if you want it! And, thank you for believing in me early. It makes all the difference to me.

Go here: (Offer has Finished) and use the code: resolution16 (Good until January 16th, 2016)

Cheers to your “awesome!” 

A little more if you’re interested…

Sharon, Nataly, Flash and I have had an absolute whirlwind of a year this year. Working with Red Jacket West out of Bend, OR, we finally created the online training I just shared with you, that so many of you have been telling me I needed to do for years now. You were right and thank you! It’s proving to be a very powerful tool and it’s a great way to bring out what is awesome inside every person so it can live in the world and make a real difference, even when we can’t meet personally. 

We’ve also had the absolute honor and pleasure of working with some great new clients like NASA, Accenture, Boston Scientific, AirLiquide and many other wonderful companies that are up to big things. One thing that stands out about all the people we’ve had the pleasure to work with is their commitment to excellence and to doing good things in the world. It’s really heartwarming to know that so many good people are out there working hard to make this a better world.

And, I want to give a shout-out to the many long running clients who send us referrals, bring us back to work with them and support us out there in the world. One particular thank you I want to send it a big thank you to Melinda Richter of the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs, or JLABS. Melinda is someone who brings out the best in the people around her and inspires a loyalty that is fierce and deep. She is a consummate leader and one of the things I have watched and learned from her is how she speaks to the greatness of those around her. I know I’m not the only person in the world who has dared and accomplished great things because Melinda believed in me. Thank you, Melinda.

And, thank you to my wonderful friends from TED, TEDActiveTEDx, from Landmark Worldwide, SXSW, V2V, Toastmasters, Entropia Universe, TheBlu, Goldstar, New Logic Cine, CrossCampus, TEDxSantaMonica, and everywhere else that Sharon, Nataly, Flash, Executive Speaking Success and I have be fortunate enough to make friends.


Happy Holidays and we wish you the best year yet in 2016!

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