The REAL Reason I Love Attending TEDActive

Yes, the speeches are amazing. Yes, the locations are beautiful. Yes, the accommodations are posh. AND, what is the REAL reason I go well out of my way to attend TEDActive every year? It’s the people. As the final person in the video says: “I’m part of a tribe that will continuously inspire me for the rest of my life!”


This video gives you a glimpse of the people, the diversity, the excitement and the fun that was present at TEDActive this year. The video below was produced by TEDxSydney, hats off to you!


Something I love about being at TEDActive, which is unique in my experience, is that it’s like being at a summer camp for super wonderful people where everyone thinks that everyone else is just a little cooler than they are. It’s a very nice switch up and it makes for fantastic interactions, open conversations, very little ego and a truly wonderful experience.

The Salon which is mentioned midway through the video was a TEDx type event at TEDActive called TEDx1242 because it happened in my friend’s suite, 1242. Stefan Krueger and Eric Espinosa, both TEDx organizers, created the TEDx1242 and asked me to be the host. The question for the first one was: “What’s your rubber meets the road story about TED? How has it actually changed your life, and the lives of others.” It was amazing and deeply inspiring to hear the stories of lives forever impacted. We heard from TEDxKhartoum organizer Ibrahim, about how TEDxKhartoum got shut down. We heard about lives that were changed on the other side of the world because a TEDx organizer gave someone a chance to share their idea in the US, and about the difference that making a difference made, in the life of a TEDx organizer who questioned their own self worth. The second salon centered on Community and also drew out some wonderful stories and ideas. They were beautiful and I’ll be sharing more about them in the coming weeks.

This video captures the feel of the week. My thanks to the creators for taking the time to create it! And, here’s my promise: I will bring this love, this excitement, this willingness to believe that people are good and brilliant and loving everywhere I go. I will not just leave this at TEDActive until next year… I will share this everywhere I go.

The interviews were done by David Glover and captured by David Glover and Tim Lumsdaine. It was edited by Peter Cramer with a wink to Errol Morris.

TEDActive 2014 from TEDActive on Vimeo.

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