A Hero of Mine Has Just Died

I just got the news that Tomas Dobrovolskis of Vilnius, Lithuania has died. A very bright light in the world has just been extinguished.

He performed at TEDxVilnius last year and was going to do a workshop at TEDxKids in Vilnius coming up. He was someone I connected with immediately. His impish smile and his many great stories made him a joy to be around. He was present. He was inspiring. He was inspire-able. He was so alive.

Apparently he was walking his dog and was attacked by 6 men, beaten in the head and stabbed in the eye. After many surgeries and attempts to save his life, he has died. I am beyond sadness and I feel a deep rage over his loss. It is so easy to destroy. Creativity, growth, consciousness all take so much time. I’m riding waves of despair and sadness which then turn to rage and anger at the thugs who took him from us and then back to bent-over weeping.

Watch his awe-inspiring performance at TEDxVilnius and feel free to weep with me.


He lives on through his many, many contributions, not the least of which is his music. We had discussed bringing him to California to share his talent with us live, which would have been amazing.

Here is his wonderful YouTube Channel: Tomas Dobrovolskis – YouTube

And his SoundCloud contribution.

Do me a favor and go check out some of his wonderful performances. Bear witness to the joy and awe he created.

Tomas, you were a gift to this world. I wish I could bring you back and change what happened, but I cannot. Your death will inspire me to do what is important today; now. Your death will not be in vain. I will make this senseless tragedy meaningful. I send you love and I will remember you fondly once I can stop crying.

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