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Look For Surprise!

UFO photo unexpected

Your Challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to: Look for Surprise! The Human Brain CRAVES surprise and if you know how to use that to your advantage you will be a far better leader, storyteller and speaker! Check this short video out and then please come to our Facebook page and let us…

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Speak to Them Like They are Great!

Speak to them like they are great, management, leadership resources

Are you up for a worthwhile challenge this week? It will put a fun flavor into your interactions and it might even change your life, if you let it! I’d love to hear how it goes, and if you want some feedback (I mean feedFORWARD – Thank you, Marshall Goldsmith!) I’ll give it to you. Share…

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Cool! I’ve Been Nominated for the Rule Breaker Awards 2016!

The Rule Breaker Awards for Entrepreneurs 2016

“Entrepreneurs don’t play by the rules. Why should you be judged by them?” – from the Rule Breakers Award Website. In my work with events like TEDxHoboken, TEDxVeniceBeach, TEDxVilnius, IDEAS LA, and many, many more, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet other Entrepreneurs from all over the world. My friend Indrė, an entrepreneur in…

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Invaluable Resources for You

You are up to great things … and it is my intention that this list of resources makes a difference for you and what you’re out there causing in the World! This is a list of resources I’ve created by curating the best of the many things I’ve come across for you. The focus is Leadership,…

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A Hero of Mine Has Just Died

I just got the news that Tomas Dobrovolskis of Vilnius, Lithuania has died. A very bright light in the world has just been extinguished. He performed at TEDxVilnius last year and was going to do a workshop at TEDxKids in Vilnius coming up. He was someone I connected with immediately. His impish smile and his many…

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Are You Using the Real Power of Story?

Here is a link to a great article: 6 Storytelling Tips to Tell Your Business Story Like a TED Pro in about an event we did with @JanssenLabs in Boston recently. A big thank you to @ChappyMargot for listening so intently and writing such a good article. Also, thank you to @CraigProSpeaker for the 5 Cs of Storytelling and…

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Scientist, Communicator, Vogon Bass Player!

Doing good science is important, as is communicating science well! Stephen, you’re the Associate Head of Biological Chemistry Department at the John Innes Centre and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at University of East Anglia. That means you speak to a lot of people over the course of a year. And, you’re talking about complex science, which…

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Take This Year’s Annual Meeting Speech From Awful to Awesome.

Or, Quit Being so Adaptable! I have a very important piece of coaching for any executive who ever speaks at the yearly company event. Stop being so adaptable. That’s right, STOP IT! Adaptability is one of the things that makes we humans one of the most abundant species on the planet. It has also helped us…

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What the Human Brain Craves

Here is a story from my travels around the world on a year long surf trip. It won First Prize in a surf wipe-out story contest and it’s a totally true story. It also illustrates a point that you will do well to consider in your own story telling! SurfPulse/Surfco Wipeout Contest Results The Winner of the SurfPulse/Surfco…

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