Your Experience is Valuable… Just Relax, and Share it Well

Here's a million-dollar tip that took me many years to discover.
Share your experiences with the world with the tip

How you share them can make a huge difference in reaching your audience.

Here’s a million-dollar tip that took me many years to discover.

For a long time, I had a running debate with a friend. He argued that vanishingly few people are capable of a TED-worthy. I, however, believe that everyone can deliver a TED-worthy talk Some are close to it, others are further away, and a few don’t even know they have one inside. But, with work everyone can give a captivating, meaningful, TED-worthy talk.

For several years my friend sent me links to some truly awful TEDx talks. It was excruciatingly painful to watch them, and there were times I almost conceded. But then I had a realization as I was coaching a speaker for TEDxPacificPalisades. When she said, “I learned YOU have to relax…” several of the terrible TEDx talks flashed through my head, as I realized something big.

“Would you try that whole section again,” I said, “but this time, instead of saying I learned you have to relax,’ try saying, I learned I have to relax’…” And, using the first person made her talk come alive!

We both realized that “we need to own our experiences.” Instead of saying, “I learned you need to…” I now say, “I learned I need to…” It’s harder than it seems. But, it makes a big difference. I hope you’ll try it out!

We need to own our experiences.

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