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The Board Presentation

Your Leadership and Presentation and YIPE

There’s an important acronym to remember when it comes to those high leverage presentations you make; presenting to the board, pitching to raise money, presenting to clients and so on.

This acronym can help you make the best impression possible, whenever it matters: YIPE!

First off, here is what YIPE stands for: Your Impression = Performance x Exposure

YOUR IMPRESSION – This is how you are perceived. And, in many ways, perception is reality.

equals your PERFORMANCE – Performance is your actual work output. It is what you spend the vast, vast majority of your time actually doing.

times your EXPOSURE – This is the exposure you get when you’re asked to tell the board about this quarter’s performance, or the exposure you get when you speak at the all-hands meeting; it’s any exposure to upper management, or whoever you’re responsible to, and it’s very often only a small % of your time. But, it has an outsized impact on how you are perceived! Prepare for it, value it and make the absolute most of it!

So, the impression you make – which has a huge impact on how you’re perceived, paid, and valued – is a product of your performance multiplied by your exposure.

So, if you’re working very hard and performing very well, remember that the IMPRESSION you make is still greatly impacted by that brief moment of exposure you get.

Bottom line takeaway: It’s worth investing some time on your presentations to be sure that the exposure you get reflects well upon, and multiplies, your performance – since that’s the overall impression you make.

The video below can make a big difference for you. YIPE!

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