What it Takes to be a Champion and Entrepreneur!

To achieve success, to be a champion, it's essential to be entrepreneurial.
Entreprenuership and champions

I do lots of pitch coaching for entrepreneurs at many places like Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS, the Ion in Houston, Starburst in Los Angeles, and I’m the official pitch coach for the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge.

And, I’m an Entrepreneur…

To achieve success, to be a champion, it’s essential to be entrepreneurial.

But, being an Entrepreneur is not easy – – continuous uncertainty, intense responsibility, and carrying out the garbage are all a huge part of it. How it looks from the outside is not actually how it feels on the inside when you’re an Entrepreneur.

It’s the same with being a true Champion anywhere in life.

So, Entrepreneurs and Champions of all kinds, I salute you! I LOVE being around people who “get paid based on their results” and who take chances and responsibility for solving big problems.

THANK YOU for taking yourself on! I’m in your corner.

Being an entrepreneur is glamorous from the outside and terrifying and messy from the inside.

Speak Like a Leader Podcast

The Ultimate TED Talk with Sebastian Wernicke

Speak Like a Leader Podcast Sebastian Wenicke - the ultimate TED talk

Years ago I met Sebastian Wernicke at TEDActive. He quickly became one of my favorite people. He’s absolutely hilarious, brilliant and YES, you will want to go watch all of his TED talks! In today’s episode Sebastian Wernicke and I talk about the TED Stage, the unexpected gift of speaking at TED, Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo, big data and the future, big data and German engineering, the post-Covid future, and more.

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Invest in yourself and your team

The future is yours to create

Good leadership matters more now than it ever has…
As we come back the world of work is experiencing enormous tremors. And, one of the best way to attract and retain your best talent is by investing in your leadership and in them. And, it’s one of the most important investments you can make right now.

Increasing trust, connection, and authenticity is even more important in a distributed workforce that’s under stress and being plundered than it ever was before.

We would love to support you, your team, and your ongoing success.

Reach out to us via ExecutiveSpeakingSuccess.com and let’s set up a 30-minute conversation about where you are and what support you could use.

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