The Bates Equation

What you Need to know about creating your TED-format talk a free 45 minute class.
Need to know about creating your TED-like talk

First, first, I hope you’ll join me on June 29th and 30th, when I’m offering a free, 2 day x 45 minute class called “What You Need to Know about Creating Your TED-format Talk!” It’s happening Tue-Wed, June 29th & 30th at 1200 Noon US Mountain (1100 Pacific and 1400 Eastern). And you’re invited. (If you have questions…)

Second, today I am sharing the Bates Equation. Discovering this equation really rang my bell, when I finally got it. It’s something your audience will really appreciate.

And, once I truly got it I changed how I prepared, how I practiced and how I delivered. My results soared. All because this equation gave me a totally new perspective on what I do.

Dov Baron - LEadership, Loyalty and Action

Leadership, loyalty and action with

Dov Baron

Dov Baron is nothing if not FULL ON. I love his passion, his perspective and he’s another one of my friends who has also had a close call with death, including a long, painful recovery. It changed his perspective and made him a better person and gave him an iron commitment to making a difference. In this episode, my old friend and long term hero, Dov Baron and I talk about a lot of things, including leadership, reciprocal vulnerability, our connectedness as human beings, and much more.

Increasing trust, connection, and authenticity is even more important in a distributed workforce that’s under stress and being plundered than it ever was before.

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