Sharing Life Experiences With a Young Audience

Things I wish I had known earlier in my life
Connecting with youth

As a leader and speaker you may be called upon to mentor young people.

In this talk I gave at TEDxYouth@ElectricAvenue a number of years back I shared some of the key things I wish I had known earlier in my life with a bunch of teenagers!

I recalled that when I was a teenager I thought I knew everything, which caused me to miss a lot of “pearls” available to me. So, I talked about managing money, the importance of people, staying present, and the temporal nature of life.

You may want to share your life’s lessons, or even share my talk with a younger audience. If you do, I’d love to hear about it.

If there are subjects you’d like me to cover, or if you’re working on something and think I could be helpful, let me know!

PS – Extra Credit: Notice how I open the talk – it was very purposeful. I was trying to set them up to actually listen to my advice. Nothing is certain with teenagers, but do you think it worked?

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