How to Avoid the Number 1 Supervillain of Public Speaking

Being Nervous is not being at their service.
Don't be nervous the supervillain of speaking

He’s ubiquitous. And, it makes sense that you’re likely to fall prey to this “SuperVillain.” I mean, look what can happen to people who get noticed by the group — Jesus, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther King, Socrates… The list goes on!

So, it makes sense to be nervous about Public Speaking! But, that’s OK! This is not about fearlessness! You do not want a fearless foxhole buddy! That guy will get you killed!

This is about courage, stepping through your fear, because you have something you’re more committed to than giving in to fear!

It’s called service, and here’s some timeless advice that can make a difference in helping you avoid the #1 SuperVillain of Public Speaking!

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