Will YOU be MORE EFFECTIVE in the second half of this year

Executive Speaking Success can help you answer that question in the affirmative!
being more effective

It’s almost staggering how time flew by this year. This is month 7 of only 12 that we get in 2020. I started this year with a bucket list of goals, events to attend, and places to visit, did you? It all looks a lot different now… My hope is that we won’t lose sight of our goals and aspirations despite the pause we are experiencing (and enduring) right now. 

I believe that this time in our lives—in our history—is calling for mindfulness more than ever before. We are truly being forced to live in the present moment—or deal with the suffering not being in the present moment brings. We’ve had to pivot nearly every darn day; shift our plans, respond and reset in this “new normal”. And, that flux is becoming the new normal. So, today I challenge myself, and you, to think about how to make tomorrow better. What (and how) can you take the wheel here? How can you be growing even with these constraints? 

This is still your time. How will you make the most of it? 

All of us here at Executive Speaking  Success are wishing you a memorable second half of the year; one that is full of personal growth, accomplished dreams, and a path that is leading you to your best self.

This is still your time. How will you make the most of it?

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