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Let’s Keep the Silver Linings

In the rush to get back to normal, remember what you learned.
Should the new normal be self love?

Do you remember measuring time by how many weeks we had survived the pandemic?

SXSW canceled. TED went virtual. TEDx events got canceled. The whole world changed dramatically in days.
Do you remember everyone learning to use video conferencing at the same time?
Do you remember the animals partying in the empty cities and the Himalayas appearing as the pollution fell away?  

I believe that our lives and our perspectives have changed, perhaps forever. Or, are we beginning to forget everything we’ve learned and promised ourselves? I hope we remember. I’m glad that New Normal has fallen out of use. I prefer New Day. 

So, I’m taking time for reflection, along with action, as we move forward. And, I think a vital lesson I learned, along with many other leaders, is that something we cannot overdo is Self-Love. I hope that, as we begin to travel, hug, and do things again; that as you step out and into the great catch-up, you remember to be kind to yourself.

As we emerge, let’s not go back to normal. Let’s do something a lot better, more productive, and more fun. I encourage you to build in time to disconnect! DON’T do any video calls for a day. Leave your devices, or turn off the ringer, for a day now and then. Just because you can work all the time from anywhere does not mean you should! Be kind to yourself. 

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Let’s do something a lot better, more productive, and more fun.

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