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Powerful Virtual Leader from Business to Life

A FREE 5-day x 50 min. Master Class

How you can show up powerfully to make a bigger impact in your life and in the world… with John Bates

When: FALL 2021, dates to be announced soon!

What: A FREE 5-day x 50 min. Master Class where you will learn what it takes to be a better leader today from video meetings and leading virtual teams, to the stage, to life and to the world. 

Why: Because your message and your purpose are bigger than you.

What would your life be like if your leadership and influence grew by the day?

If you showed up more and more effectively and positively in your home, your community and all of life?

Amazing, right?

This Masterclass is like no other. It is built with a foundation of authentic connection, clarity, self-awareness and powerful communication. Together we will remove anything in your way, freeing you to be the ever more influential leader you know you are. 

Going through everything that was 2020, turning 57 (!!!), and then losing my beloved service dog/business partner/constant-companion-for-the-last-15-years Flash, has completely spun my head around. I get that it is all performance art. No one here gets out alive, and I want to use whatever time I have left on Earth to make a much, much bigger difference. 

After spending the last 20+ years being coached by, supporting and learning from some of the greatest leaders in the world I want to bring it all together for you. The principles, the techniques, the insights, the systems and the community to rocket you higher than you ever imagined you could go. I have learned what actually gets results — and so will you.

Ask yourself, what is that thing that is much bigger than you?

When is the time to take the next level in leadership and life? I say that the time is now, for me and for you.

So… are you in?

This FREE 5-day x 50 min. Master Class is for you if…

You are up to really big things, and yet you realize that something is missing. How do you get to that next level of leadership, influence and personal growth?

You have amazing knowledge and are ready to share it with others but want to be certain you deliver it in a way that is powerful, understood, and clearly heard the first time.

You want support in better connecting and leading online – with your team, colleagues, clients and everyone in your life, to make it meaningful, energetic and purposeful.


Here is just a sampling of what you will unlock in our 5-day Masterclass.

Speaking Naturally

It can be hard to find the balance between scripting everything and speaking conversationally. Here is what works.

Powerful Virtual Presence

Your leadership presence is now all about your virtual presence. Your presence should make an impression and not distract from what you’re saying. Everything from your sound to your background matters. We will discuss today’s best practices on how to have a powerful virtual presence.  

Facing the Audience

Great speakers appear totally in tune with their audience—mostly thanks to a few simple keys even the most crowd-shy speakers can use.

Insightful Vulnerability™

Going first; leading, even though it’s scary and difficult. Sharing a vulnerable story so that others can learn from it makes a huge difference. Because you are brave enough to model something worth doing, others want to follow.

How to Listen in a Way that Empowers People

You know when someone isn’t paying attention or is distracted! How do you feel when someone does that to you? Annoyed, devalued, frustrated or maybe all of these? I will be giving you access to listening that is on the level of Jedi Mind Powers and which you can use in all areas of your life. 

Building Your Toolbox

My focus is on bringing the science; neurobiology and evolutionary biology of communication, influence, connection and leadership to you. Everything you will get is based on principles that have proven effective for me and for the thousands of leaders, speakers, entrepreneurs and others I have supported. Life needs you to show up in an authentic way; in business, in your personal life, in 1:1 conversations and from the stage. I’ll give you the tools to build and enhance your own communication style.

You don't have to take my word for it

This is what people are saying about my coaching.

Starts John

Jack Canfield

….you have really tapped into the neuroscience and the neurobiology of who we are and how we communicate and how people persuade people and so forth and I was very impressed. I’m sitting here thinking, ‘I need to take that guy’s workshop, and have you as a consultant.’ So, I’d take time to work with him, to check out his work. He’s quite an amazing guy and he can help you be more amazing too.

Jack Canfield
Chicken Soup for the Soul series, The Success Principles
Author, featured teacher in the movie The Secret.

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