John Bates Free Webinar

Global Leadership Synchronization Call.

THIS WEEKLY NO-COST EVENT HAS become “the Silver Linings Adventurers’ Club” and is a monthly meeting, now. 
If you’d like to Join us reach out to me Here!


Together we are better. Amidst the lives lost and the devastation there are silver linings. It is upon these that we now focus.

This is a small group of committed individuals who each bring a unique and valuable perspective.

If you join us and bring your best, you will leave with valuable food for thought, suggestions, and guidance.

And, don’t underestimate the fact that your perspective can be a great contribution to all.


Some things have changed forever. Some things remain timeless. And, everything certainly feels affected, altered and jumbled up. This is the time that your leadership is needed, more than ever.

If you’d like to keep your head in the game of great leadership and great communication let me give you great keys and insights that will catalyze your effectiveness and success. Set your week up for success with my weekly mini-trainings which focus on the power of the TED-format, Leadership Communication and the neuroscience of effective communication. Sign up to get your FREE, weekly mini-trainings.

Your Leadership Presence is now all about your Virtual Presence… And, things have changed

“How can I manage the uncertainty, keep people productive and calm my team?”

“How do I lead good virtual meetings?”

“How do I hold my team together now that we are all working from home?”

After selfishly freaking out for a while about how this whole thing is going to affect me I finally took Snoop’s advice: Don’t be Nervous, Be at Their Service and I started to think about what I have to offer that could be useful to you, and how I can share it.

Are you keeping up with the “decade in a year” pace of change? Has your team and your way of working experienced any disruption? Is the global competition for the best workers keeping you up at night? Join us for Powerful Virtual Leader, From Business to Life.

Even as the US comes back from Covid, it’s still an anxious time for everyone and I’d very much like to be with you, talk with you, hear about the top 3 things that are keeping you up at night and offer some suggestions, thoughts, and guidance you might find useful. Because I work with clients all over the world,  I will give you some of their experiences and insights, as well. If you’d like to be part of the Powerful Virtual Leader Community in the meantime, join us at the Powerful Leadership Tribe.