Content is King. Context Is Emperor

Let's go back about five years to think about nonverbal communication.
your body language says more about you then your words

Let’s go back about five years to think about nonverbal communication.

For me, the Clinton-Trump 2016 Presidential Debate series was a case study on the importance of body language.

What leaders say is very important. But, how they say it often speaks louder than their words. Most of our communication, and arguably our most fundamental communication, is nonverbal. Facial micro gestures, subtle body language, tonal variation, and vocal stress are all nonverbal and virtually unconscious. They set the context for everything you say.

So, what are you doing to control that nonverbal, mostly unconscious communication? If you don’t have a way to deal with it then what you’re saying will be offset by your nonverbal communication. Any insecurities and anxieties about speaking and leading will create cognitive dissonance in your audience and limit your success.

One very quick exercise to remedy this problem is to remember what Snoop Doggy Dog said: “Don’t be nervous! Be at their service!” Once you put your focus on the audience and service you’ll have already made a big difference in how you show up.

In the Speak Like a Leader Experience, I take people through a very powerful exercise that solves the nonverbal communication issue. The entire experience takes place online, is highly effective and builds deep, real confidence and clarity of message. I’d love to have you join us. Find out more, here:

Don’t be nervous! Be at their service!

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