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Its a Science

Application into Action
Its about science

No matter the size of your audience, the essence of how all human beings process information is a science. And, as I say so often, it’s not logical; it’s biological. From storytelling to body language and beyond, the best outcomes occur when you take the neurobiology and science of communication into account.  

In this short video, I discuss the mostly-ignored power of mirror neurons. It’s a tremendously important aspect of human neurobiology. Applying what I share in this short video will dramatically amplify your ability to influence and move people to action. 

In my practice as a Leadership Communication Expert, Executive Whisperer, and TEDx/TED-Format public speaking coach, I get to assist my clients in every possible instance of communication. And mirror neurons are always front and center in our approach. Whether you are out to persuade, motivate, lead well, or simply share your story, remembering that: “They’re always mirroring you!” will give you Jedi-like powers of persuasion. 

Neurobiology of Speaking

Learn more about human behavior • Apply to your stage presence or in a simple job interview • Connect to your audience’s emotions in an authentic way to achieve the outcome you desire.

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