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Being Present

It’s surprisingly tricky. It’s gratifying. And, in speaking as in leading, it’s crucial
Being present is a present

Are you breathing? Are you taking in all of this? From mindfulness to financial to socio-economic issues to family and personal life, it can all feel overwhelming! So, how are you showing up? Are you processing things in a healthy way? Are you being “of service”?

It takes a lot of energy to show up powerfully, day after day. So, I want to reiterate the adage, “This, too, shall pass.” It can help you remember how special every moment is. Take it hour by hour, minute by minute… and imagine yourself a few weeks and months from. now. What do you wish you would’ve done during that time?

The Present is a Present

My mentor and beloved friend RB Hackenberg lives by this mantra: “Try to RELAX in the present. Try not to REHASH the past, or REHEARSE the future.”

Would it make a difference if you were being fully present TO life & being fully present IN life? I try very hard to be both. As it goes on, it becomes more and more clear to me that it’s all temporary. Time, money, and life itself – are fleeting.
And, since life is performance art, the time to be present is now!

Some Encouragement

Would you like some encouragement? In this short talk at TEDxYouth@ElectricAvenue, I share what I think are some of the “Tricks to Winning the Game of Life.” It’s heartfelt, and I’m proud of it. I hope it makes a difference for you. (Can you dig my Movember stache? 😁)

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