Massive Change

I’ve been thinking about the massive change we’ve been through over the last 18 months, plus.
massive change

And, one of the things that we all seem to be missing in one way or another is the feeling of being connected to other human beings. We love being around other people and we miss the connection that share physical presence offers us. 

And, I believe that just makes all the other ways we can connect even more important. One of the things that deeply connects us as human beings is our stories! 

Although it’s really tempting to use Zoom as a dramatic productivity enhancer (if only we didn’t have to go to the bathroom sometimes!) I think it’s more important than ever to think about how you can bring more humanity; more human connection to Zoom. So, here’s a simile I’ve found to be very useful in this regard. Stories Are Like Songs! Click the video to find out more about what I mean!

Stories Are Like Songs!

Have you ever played the same song more than once? Well, in a lot of ways stories are like songs! People don’t mind hearing a really good, well-told story more than once! Find your great stories and be willing to tell them whenever the time is right! And, ask others to share their stories, as well!

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