Preparing for Your Next Pitch?

I Want to Help You.

You have an idea, maybe even a solid business proposal.
You have done the homework, vetted potential customers, and conducted surveys.
A LOT of work went into this concept, and you don't want to throw it all down the drain with a mediocre pitch.


The Problem is Not Your Idea, It's Your Pitch!

ou have done the homework. Your idea is rock solid, and backed with extensive customer research. You have invested a lot of time putting together your business plan, and even more time getting the chance to have your idea be heard by the right people. Be sure you don’t let all that time, effort, research and money go down the drain by making the mistakes that everyone else makes!

If you are planning to pitch an idea or solution to opinion leaders within your current company, important clients, or you’re an entrepreneur pitching your idea to VC’s, make your pitch count! John Bates has raised hundreds of millions in Silicon Valley and has assisted many others to avoid the landmines of “conventional wisdom.” Get his expert support as you prepare, organize, practice, and put your best idea forward for success. Contact John for in-person coaching or for a limited time, you can access sample lessons in my Art of the Pitch Mini-Course.

By signing up for the mini-course you will receive 6 lessons containing the key elements I provide in my group or one-to-one trainings for the entrepreneurs I coach. Sign up following the link below to this one-time offer. Normally $97 for 6 lessons, I’m offering the mini-course for just $9.97 to the first 100 subscribers!

Try some of my lessons now in the Art of the Pitch Minicourse. Normally priced at $97.
Offered now, for a limited time for just $9.97!


The Art of the Pitch Minicourse

The minicourse is a micro-sample of just some of the concepts I present in The Art, Science, and Neurobiology of the Pitch.

  • 6 engaging video lessons you can view from the convenience of a mobile device or desktop computer.
  • Interactive, and quick lessons you can review anytime.
  • Actionable advice you can start using right away.
  • I will share what I have learned from colleagues and investors who are in the business of funding projects, so you can avoid common mistakes!
  • Offered now, for a limited time at just $9.97!

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I am a self-starter and need tips now.

Take the Art of the Pitch mini-course now with actionable tips to get you started. The mini-course is just a sampling of lessons I share with the people I coach. Like what you are learning? Contact John for some individual coaching. Click the link below and get started now.

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If you are working on this pitch with a team, bring The Art, Science and Neurobiology of the Pitch to you! I will offer your team my unique training in-person

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…and afterwards, my wife and daughter said, ‘You should meet with him every week, because you’re obviously learning great things.

Tom Luby,
Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs Texas
Head of