What is Your ONE Idea Worth Spreading?

Your message will stick-the-landing.

YES! That simple question is the secret key that unlocks the great TED talks. Ideas Worth Spreading are the things to which TED is dedicated. And, “What is your ONE idea worth spreading?” is the question I ask of everyone I support in my Leadership Communication courses and 1:! coaching! It’s not just for TED! It’s for any talk you’ll ever give!

If you’re speaking for 20 minutes or less, then focus on one big idea! And, If your’e doing a longer keynote, say 45 minutes to an hour, then maybe you can land 3 or 4 key points, but they will all land much more powerfully if you focus on One Idea Worth Spreading.

As a leader, identify your key thoughts and principles. Then figure out the “One Idea Worth Spreading.” Your leadership and clarity will get a dramatic boost. Being clear about your ONE idea worth spreading concentrates the value you bring to your target audience.

So, here’s the key question: Knowing that your team, your audience, or even the World will listen to you for 20 minutes, “What is YOUR One Idea Worth Spreading? Watch my one minute video and then hit reply and let me know!

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