Dolph Lundgren on Healing and Forgiveness

Points to the inner work that is so important to a fulfilled life.
Dolph Lundgren on Healing and Forgiveness

Here’s something different! It’s Dolph Lundgren’s 14-minute TEDx Talk. As a leader your inner work matters to you, and all who depend upon you, as well!

I got to support Dolph in creating and delivering this talk. I thought he was pretty cool before, but I had no idea about his real-life hero’s journey. His talk is very inspiring and points to the inner work that is so important to a fulfilled life.

This is what he said about the experience back when the talk hit about 1 million views (it’s at nearly 3 million now): The other week an LAPD Officer came up to me, shook my hand and said: ‘I like your movies, but I loved your TED Talk more.’ There was a soft glint in his eye that revealed an upbringing not very different than my own. I learned so much working with John and anytime I face a challenging speaking situation I certainly know whom to call.” – Dolph Lundgren, Actor in Aquaman, the Expendables, Rocky IV and who works to empower youth globally, with

As you watch his talk, imagine what it took for him to share his story. And then, think about the difference it made – to the LAPD Officer, to the millions of others who’ve watched and to the people he’s helping new. Dolph’s talk is a true example of leadership – self-awareness, healing and generosity of spirit. I’d love to know what you think.

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