How I Lost $80 Million

Focus on providing value; just making a difference
How I lost $80 million

I’ve decided to interrupt the cycle of posting my most recent video series to resurrect the one below. As we stagger through the wreckage of the past nearly 2 years and meet virtually and lead virtually and miss each other and mourn all that has been lost, this video seems powerfully relevant right now. We’re in the middle of running a marathon, and maybe you, like many of us, are feeling like there is no end to the race.

But, there will be. I’m here to tell you that if you can focus on providing value; just making a difference, it takes a lot of the stress out of the rat race.

This video encompasses much of what I’ve been sharing over the last several months. I hope it feels relevant to you right now, and I really hope it will be of service to you.

May you find renewed energy today. Like Glinda told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “You had the power all along, my dear.” And, you do!

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