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Excellent Executive Presence

Put your monkey-mind on loudspeaker, then strap it to the backseat.
monkey mind backseat

Here is the process I use before ANY important “communication event.”

It may seem a little too California woo-woo at first. But, I’ll explain why it’s so essential, and backed up by science. I’ve talked with several body language experts about it and they agree with me. This process is the only way that you can get control of your completely unconscious facial micro-expressions, your unconscious body language and micro-gestures, your unconscious word choice, vocal stress, and ALL of that unconscious communication everyone does, without realizing it.

With this exercise, you can begin to make sure that your unconscious communication actually matches what you’re consciously saying – instead of just leaking out all your nervous insecurities!

By the way, our Speak Like a Leader Experience in July sold out entirely. I anticipate that our next SLL Experience, beginning September 9th, will sell out, too. Don’t miss out! We’d love to have you in the group!

Join us:

Toss that monkeymind in the backseat and strap it in and be greatful for its service.

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