“Nah, I really don’t need a speaking coach”, I was thinking as Johnson & Johnson introduced me to John Bates. The coaching was part of JNJ’s support to prepare my pitch for one of their QuickFire Challenges.

I wasn’t being arrogant. It’s just that after making hundreds of presentations and many speeches over my 37-year career in Life Sciences, I thought I didn’t need a coach. I was self-taught and spent time reading about effective speaking and even took a course on “How to present like Steve Jobs.” I had been pitching my company, Prapela, for about 6 months and had recently won the “Best Overall Presentation” award at a big event in Boston. Surely my time would be better spent on something else.

Still, my conscience and my respect for JNJ told me to take the course along with the other participants in the Challenge. I completed each online training session and then participated in a few video conference calls with the class and John.

Wow, John and his course was a game changer for me and Prapela. John’s course is way beyond the basics of slide content, posture and delivery. You learn the importance and the skills of connecting with your audience. For me, I discovered how my traditional emphasis on facts and putting everything in chronological order got in the way of being authentic. And I also met a terrific, positive person – John is simply a great coach and his course is flat out fun.

“Yeah, I really did need a speaking coach”, I was thinking as I held the Winner’s trophy for JNJ’s Next-Gen Baby Box Challenge. Thanks to John and Johnson & Johnson, Prapela is raising funding and on a pace to introduce the Prapela SVS next-gen baby box in 2018. Thanks John!

John Konsin

CEO & Co-Founder at Prapela
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John, I can't thank you enough for working with us here at NASA. You were so engaging and gave my team great tools and inspiration to take our communications to the next level. We look forward to continuing our relationship.

Ashley Edwards

Communications Manager at NASA Headquarters
Justin Wright

I saw John Bates give a presentation in Boston on authentic leadership in 2017. His focus was on public speaking. The talk was one of the best I have seen on the subject. John's recommendations were clear, useful and easy to remember. What impressed me was not just the content he shared but the way he delivered it. John embodied his advice. The entire talk mirrored his recommendations making it both easier for us in the audience to figure out how to implement and also proving the usefulness of his suggestions.

If you do any public speaking you will benefit from seeing John in action. I'm still putting the core ideas from his presentation to work in my public speaking almost a year later.

Justin Wright

Chief Executive Officer, Mediator, Negotiation Trainer, Faciliator & Coach at Habitus Incorporated

I had a pleasure of meeting John at the AmChams in Europe Conference in Bratislava and received individual coaching for my presentation at the ACE Creative Networks Award finals. This experience has completely changed the way I think about public speaking and the way I structure my presentations now! Extremely useful training that has changed my professional life forever! After that, we have invited John as a keynote speaker to Tallinn, Estonia to lead a special training for our Women in Leadership Program that we run here at the American Chamber in Estonia. The feedback we have received after the event was just overwhelming! I wish we could share all the emails, notes, comments that our female professionals sent us after the event! Every single participants wants John back in Tallinn!! It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for John without reservation! One of the best speakers we have had in Tallinn!

Daria Sivovol

Executive Director at American Chamber of Commerce Estonia

I feel completely transformed after just two days of training with John. His course and knowledge of communication and human science transcend anything I have ever experienced from another training or book on speaking. In fact, "Executive Speaker Training" really doesn't do it justice as you'll learn so much more than how to make your presentations better.

John's methods and principles can be applied to nearly any other human interaction you ever have. Whether a formal presentation, a sales pitch, in a group or one-on-one. Even personally outside of business settings, with your family and friends.

If you ever get a chance to attend a speech or training by John, or take his online course, I highly recommend it all!

Eric Levenhagen

Award-Winning Financial Coach

I had the pleasure of attending one of John's speaker coaching sessions at a conference. Going in I was pretty sure that he wasn't going to say anything I hadn't heard before. I was completely wrong! John was engaging and offered practical tips. I loved his session so much that I attended another one! In fact, I could attend multiple sessions of his easily! If you are a speaker looking to fine tune your craft contact John ASAP! He is awesome!

Julie McReynolds

Marketing and Brand Strategist | Digital Marketer | Team Leader and Manager | Event Planner