NASA, Johnson & Johnson, AirLiquide and others say this training is probably the best leadership and communications training they have ever received.   You will learn principles based in Human Evolutionary Biology & Human Neurophysiology so you can:

  • Make the very most of every word you speak, and know why it works
  • Increase your ability to influence and get what you want with a new level of ease
  • Stand out from the crowd and be remembered
  • Leave your fear and anxiety around public speaking behind for the rest of your life

This is the pre-requisite training for further coaching with Executive Speaking Success. It is delivered in several formats and lengths, based on your company’s needs and desires. Contact us for more information.   Currently we do not have public boot camps scheduled. We do work with partners such as co-working spaces, non-profit organizations, TEDx organizers, and other venues who are interested in making the Speak Like a Leader Boot Camp available publicly in their community. If you’d like to discuss partnering with us please contact us. We have an online version of the boot camp which is available here: We also offer the boot camp as a portion of our individual Executive Coaching, about which you can read more below. Having raised hundred of millions in venture capital himself, John also offers excellent and effective pitch coaching.

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You will be glad you brought John in for your group. John will:

  • Motivate, educate, entertain and deeply move your audience
  • Engage them regardless of culture, country or background
  • Share meaningful stories from his lifelong experience as an entrepreneur; failures and what he learned, hilarious moments with a point, and things that offer listeners surprising and effective new paradigms
  • Bring his deep experience from TED & TEDx, surfing around the world, doing business around the world and working with people
  • John has often been called the best speaker audience members have ever experienced. His stories have a point, his ability to connect motivates people to action and his long experience as a coach and trainer gives him insight into the human condition that few others have.

With a fascinating underpinning of Human Evolutionary Biology & Human Neurophysiology and his experience of raising hundreds of millions of dollars, failing hugely and also succeeding, John’s speeches are authentic, genuine and create a wonderful atmosphere for your event.
John’s Speeches include:

  • The Speak Like a Leader Experience – Leadership, communication and effectiveness in a fun, entertaining and moving speech with uniquely surprising and highly actionable insights.
  • Excited About Your Story – A deep dive into storytelling, which is the most effective tool for communicating with Human Beings that Mother Nature has given you! This is a fun, exciting ride that motivates people on multiple levels and gives them highly effective principles and paradigms for storytelling, leadership, effectiveness and communication.
  • Pitchcraft, the Magic, Art and Neurobiology of Effective Pitches – In this exciting and authentic speech John shares the most important things to know about successful pitches that no one else is telling you!
  • Having raised hundres of millions of dollars and having failed in the harsh glare of the limelight with his $80M venture, John has plenty of mistakes, heartbreaks and losses to share, along with the very important lessons learned from them.
  • John has long experience addressing both the things for which you’d like to acknowledge your people as well as the things you’d like them to take on more fully. He knows how to make you look good and is committed to making you very happy you brought him into your organization or event

For more testimonials about John’s work visit:

Testimonials page or see other’s recommendations on our LinkedIn page.


John is called an Executive Whisperer by his coaching clients. Among top corporations John Bates’ coaching is heralded for taking “known ineffective speakers” and making them star-power speakers; for unleashing formerly quiet leaders who had a hard time contributing previously; and for taking top speakers to new heights. He has a powerful ability to hone and polish already good speakers and make them great beyond what they could imagine. His ability to bring out your excellence as a leader is also well documented. Having raised hundred of millions himself, John also does excellent and effective pitch coaching.

John coaches leaders to be more effective communicators, leaders, and powerfully assists with messaging and approach. You will take new ground and:

  • Communicate like a powerful leader
  • Get past your fear and awkwardness
  • Go beyond wherever you are currently as a speaker and leader
  • Get your team to take ownership for their results
  • Gain clarity on what works as a leader in communication

Using the lens of Leadership Communication John Bates brings out what is truly awesome inside of you and your team with surprising results in the areas upon which you want to focus, as was well as in areas that will appear out of the work to surprise and delight you. Like his trainings, John’s approach is based in human evolutionary biology and human neurophysiology and he will share the principles of leadership and communication in a way that gives you access to them and an understanding of them which will serve you for the rest of your life.

The pre-requisite for coaching with John Bates is completing the Speak Like a Leader Boot Camp which is available in-person for your entire company, or online in several formats.

For more testimonials about John’s work visit:

Testimonials page or see other’s recommendations on our LinkedIn page.