For over 20 years John has coached clients to speak in public. After coaching hundreds of TED and TEDx speakers he created this "TED-worthy" mini-course and the full online speaker training: Speak Like A Leader Bootcamp. John currently trains C-level executives at NASA, IBM, Accenture and more in his unique public speaking principles; allowing them to show leadership and calm while motivating their employees through great storytelling, leadership presence and an understanding of the science underlying great communication.

  • Learning at your own pace.
  • Valuable, actionable speaking tips you can practice and put into use right away!
  • Video lessons you can pause, review and reference at any time.
  • Short micro-learning courses on specific topics available.
  • Training for yourself, your team and colleagues.
  • Boot Camp includes Action Guide to keep you on track with actionable steps, and self-accountability.

Do you want accessible, online speaking training that is more dynamic and engaging? Would you like to empower your leaders to find their most authentic voice, and to inspire the groups of people they lead? Are you looking for an online solution that employees can take at their own pace? Consider John's online learning or a hybrid of both in-person training and follow-up with the online training course. 

We have Tin-Can and SCORM-compliant versions of this course.



John is called an Executive Whisperer by his coaching clients. Among top corporations John Bates' coaching is heralded for taking "known ineffective speakers" and making them star-power speakers; for unleashing formerly quiet leaders who had a hard time contributing previously; and for taking top speakers to new heights. He has a powerful ability to hone and polish already good speakers and make them great beyond what they could imagine. His ability to bring out your excellence as a leader is also well documented. Having raised hundred of millions himself, John also does excellent and effective pitch coaching.

Using the lens of Leadership Communication John Bates brings out what is truly awesome inside of you and your team with surprising results in the areas upon which you want to focus, as was well as in areas that will appear out of the work to surprise and delight you. Like his trainings, John's approach is based in human evolutionary biology and human neurophysiology and he will share the principles of leadership and communication in a way that gives you access to them and an understanding of them which will serve you for the rest of your life.



Nah, I really don’t need a speaking coach”, I was thinking as Johnson & Johnson introduced me to John Bates. The coaching was part of JNJ’s support to prepare my pitch for one of their QuickFire Challenges. I wasn’t being arrogant. It’s just that after making hundreds of presentations and many speeches over my 37-year career in Life Sciences, I thought I didn’t need a coach. I was self-taught and spent time reading about effective speaking and even took a course on “How to present like Steve Jobs.” I had been pitching my company, Prapela, for about 6 months and had recently won the “Best Overall Presentation” award at a big event in Boston. Surely my time would be better spent on something else. Still, my conscience and my respect for JNJ told me to take the course along with the other participants in the Challenge. I completed each online training session and then participated in a few video conference calls with the class and John."


John Konsin via LinkedIn
CEO & Co-Founder at Prapela Prapela INSEAD
Concord, Massachusetts

Wow, John and his course was a game changer for me and Prapela. John’s course is way beyond the basics of slide content, posture and delivery. You learn the importance and the skills of connecting with your audience. For me, I discovered how my traditional emphasis on facts and putting everything in chronological order got in the way of being authentic. And I also met a terrific, positive person – John is simply a great coach and his course is flat out fun. “Yeah, I really did need a speaking coach”, I was thinking as I held the Winner’s trophy for JNJ’s Next-Gen Baby Box Challenge. Thanks to John and Johnson & Johnson, Prapela is raising funding and on a pace to introduce the Prapela SVS next-gen baby box in 2018.”