Spend Quality Time with John as Executive Speaker Coach and Mentor


For most of us, the fear of public speaking or prepping to give a talk, gives us anxiety, and even keeps us up at night. Very few of us look forward to, or even relish the opportunity to speak publicly. John Bates coaches individuals on the root cause of our anxiety, and how to acknowledge that fear, and work through it. John coaches leaders to be more effective communicators, leaders, and powerfully assists with messaging and approach. You will take new ground and:

  • Communicate like the powerful leader you are.
  • Get past your fear and awkwardness.
  • Go beyond wherever you are currently as a speaker and leader.
  • Get your team to take ownership for their results.
  • Gain clarity on what works as a leader in communication.


JB Helsinki 1

John is called an Executive Whisperer by his coaching clients. Among top corporations John Bates' coaching is heralded for taking "known ineffective speakers" and making them star-power speakers; for unleashing formerly quiet leaders who had a hard time contributing previously; and for taking top speakers to new heights. He has a powerful ability to hone and polish already good speakers and make them great beyond what they could imagine. His ability to bring out your excellence as a leader is also well documented. Having raised hundred of millions himself, John also offers excellent and effective pitch coaching.

One to One Coaching: 

This is one of the most time consuming, customized things that I do. So, I ask for a minimum financial commitment and that potential coaching clients come in with something big that really matters to them. I also ask that coaching clients consider working with me again later, if they get something, and that they recommend me to others, where possible. 

The typical breakdown of this engagement is 12 x sessions of approximately 30-60 minutes via phone and/or Zoom or other video conference, when appropriate. Normally this engagement takes from 4 to 12 months, depending on the desires of the client. I'm also happy to get together in person if we're in the same vicinity, or if you want to come to me (I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, now. In the winter you can combine it with a ski trip, in the summer there's stunningly gorgeous hiking, mountain biking and more.) I'm also happy to come to you if travel, accommodation and some recognition of my travel time is provided.

As well, I'm happy to be flexible and break up our meetings differently, according to your desires and what is needed. One way might be 3 half day sessions, or one half day session and 8 phone sessions, etc. As well, in between sessions, my team and I are available to answer short calls, emails, texts, and to assist you as you develop speeches, and deal with whatever comes up.



Working with John Bates on... how to best communicate and convey some key ideas about the work that we're doing, to a much more broad audience, in a way that makes our story translatable and exciting to people who may not understand the specifics of the science we are working on."

Peter Di Laura
CEO / Second Genome