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John Bates, Patrick Walsh

Above, John Bates talks with Patrick Walsh Managing Director of Dogpatch Labs in Dublin.

Hello friends. I need your assistance! Over the last several years I’ve been working on a project with a friend and colleague of mine named Manuel Umo, who is one of the most talented filmmakers that I know. We’ve met many of you on this journey! The world of work has been changing. Co-working spaces have been flourishing, entrepreneurs are more important than ever and yet, because of the pull of Google and Amazon and Facebook people who might have been entrepreneurs are taking jobs. What’s happening? What’s going to happen?

My friend Cecily Sommers a futurist, is currently studying the structure of the gig economy, how it’s working, where it’s headed, issues surfacing around it for how we work and for the workers themselves. They are all important questions and everyone wants to know more about them. Including us!

Manuel and I go out and meet the people who are part of this huge structural shift, and we want to tell their stories and share what we’ve seen and found.

Whether in India, China, Finland, Estonia, Ireland or the United States the excitement is palpable. We need your help to get this story finished and out to the world. Please visit our Indiegogo page: Just a Few Doors Down – Global Entrepreneurship, and consider joining us.

Special note: since this project is so important to me I have included several consulting and training packages at a very substantial discount. There are a limited number and once they’re gone they’re gone, but this is all for the cause, so I’m excited to make them available and you’re one of the very first to know about them!

The short term goal is to get this film through post production. We’re very close. We are then hoping to continue this as a series so we can visit the many countries and people who’s stories have yet to be told. We think it’s all very exciting and I hope you do, too! Thanks, again!

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